• Donations


    Fitch Trucking donating time and equipment for a community organization

  • Dean Petersen

    Dean Petersen

    Dean Petersen, CEO, proudly helping a community organization

  • Dean and Melanie

    Dean and Melanie

    Commander Dean L. Petersen and the next generation, Melanie Cheney

  • Ground Breaking

    Ground Breaking

    Dean observing the ground breaking for the shop in 1971

  • Darlene and Grandchildren

    Darlene and Grandchildren

    Darlene Petersen, CFO, with grandchildren Brad and Ryan Cheney

  • Milk


    Dean H. Petersen & Son hauling milk in 1958

  • Soybean Oil

    Soybean Oil

    Nebraska Bulk Transports hauling soybean oil in the late 1970\'s

  • Bennet Days Parade

    Bennet Days Parade

    Fitch Trucking participating in the Bennet Days Parade in 1988

  • Greg Martin

    Greg Martin

    Current driver Greg Martin in 1988

  • Office


    The current office in 1970

  • Happy Birthday Dean!

    Happy Birthday Dean!

    Dean\'s birthday cake from the employees in 1979

  • Melanie\'s First Day

    Melanie\'s First Day

    Melanie\'s first day in 1987 at Fitch Trucking and Nebraska Bulk Transports

  • Nebraska Bulk

    Nebraska Bulk

    Nebraska Bulk Transports hauling an empty steel tank in 1985

  • New Tank Installation

    New Tank Installation

    Installing a new tank in 1985

  • Star City Parade

    Star City Parade

    Fitch Trucking filling balloons for the Star City Parade in 1989

  • Fitch Tractors

    Fitch Tractors

    Dean with five new Fitch tractors in 1988

  • Cab-Over


    Former senior driver with a new cab-over in 1988

  • Warren and Melanie Cheney

    Warren and Melanie Cheney

    Warren and Melanie Cheney

  • Dean and Darlene Petersen

    Dean and Darlene Petersen

    Dean and Darlene Petersen

  • Greg Martin

    Greg Martin

    Greg Martin with a new Fitch truck in 1988

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is so important to us, and our focus on measuring deliverable success and quality control will ensure that your expectations are consistently met. We are ready to accommodate all size and types of loads. We would like to transport your wind turbines and would like the chance to prove ourselves to you and your company.